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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
DQAbstractModelAbstract Data Model
DQBaseFieldThe base class of DQField
DQBaseIndexThe based class of DQIndex
DQClauseThe clause of a column definition
DQConnectionConnection to QSqlDatabase
DQField< T >Database field
DQForeignKey< T >Foreign key field
DQIndex< T >SQL Indexing information
DQList< T >Storage of a list of model item instance
DQListWriterDQListWriter is a utility class to create the content on DQList object
DQModelDatabase model class
DQModelMetaInfoThe meta info of a database model
DQPrimaryKeyPrimary key field
DQQuery< T >DQQuery is a template class for performing database queries and record deletion on specific model
DQSharedListDQSharedList is the base class of DQList
DQSharedQueryDQSharedQuery is the base class of DQQuery that support implicitly data sharing
DQSqlA helper class for SQL statement exeuction
DQStreamDQStream class provides a stream interface for reading and writing data model field
DQWhereThe filter rules
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